20 December 2013

Fancy Dress at Work

Every year in December, my work has a dress up day.
99% of people go all out and dress up amazingly.
This year, rather than our usual team themes, we decided to to individual dress ups.
The theme, which I copied off someone who goes to my church is "A famous, film or fairytale character starting with the first letter of your name"
I debated about going as Betty White, I thought that way I can bring in my knitting!
Eventually, I decided that it was summer and I needed a summer costume.
So I started searching and found Bindi Irwin. I admire Bindi, she's such a great advocate for wildlife.
So a month ago I phone Australia Zoo and ordered a name badge, this week I dyed my shirt and I even borrowed my Dad's giant crocodile that he bought when he was in Australia about seven years ago.

In other great news, tomorrow I take my caravan out to the beach for three week away from technology and most importantly - work!
There's no mobile phone signal either. It's always the best time of the year.
See you in a month!

11 December 2013

Pirate Friday

Last Friday, my husband had his work 'end of year' function
This year they decided that everyone shoud dress as a pirate. Grrr!
So thats exactly what we did
I still had to go to my work in the morning, but at lunchtime I was able to leave and head to JJ's work to catch a ride with them
We headed out to the country, where some genius has created a fun park
Everyone decided that lunch must be eaten first so on went the BBQ and when it was time to turn them, well... someone forgot the tongs
Husband decided his pirate hook would be a fantastic substitue
We went on a flying fox, did archery and claybird shooting 
All while dressed as pirates... 

Next Friday is my work annual dress up day!
I'm not dressing as a pirate...

29 November 2013

A Hair Cutting Ceremony

Last weekend, my nephew had his first haircut
He's six years old
Let me explain, in Cook Islands tradition little boys don't get their hair cut
When they do, they have a ceremony and a party
I made the invitations ages ago, here's what I put on them
"In Cook Islands tradition, the haircutting ceremony is a rite of passage for young boys. At these large gatherings the boy sits on a chair draped with tīvaevae (quilts). As his hair is cut, members of the community plaster the boy with money or other gifts. The custom serves to maintain reciprocal ties within the extended family and community.
A little bit about what happens at a Pakotianga Rauru or “Hair Cutting” ceremony:
A male representative for each family is called upon to approach the child and his mother will hand you the scissors to snip a strand of hair tied by a white ribbon.
Family members are then encouraged to keep the hair to remind them of the occasion.
Custom states that everyone making a cut contributes something; as one should never come empty-handed. Though it is entirely up to the individual, kin close to ego usually give both an envelope and a gift. The expectation is that their monetary contribution will help him in the future. Gift items are usually of the sort that the boy can use in his daily life or that others can use on his behalf, such as bed-quilts, sets of cups or glasses, appliances and clothing.
The gifts are signified by the family record book, which is usually bound by a ribbon after the event, and set aside for a     future time. When the boy approaches adulthood, he enters the stage of his life where he begins to act as an individual with respect to invitations and  events. For these, he will need reference to the record of those who previously accorded him assistance, so he can judge what obligations he needs to reciprocate.
Please note that this information is purely educational, we do not expect anyone to bring a gift.
After the hair is cut, there will be a few speeches and then dinner"
So that's what happened!
We turned up and straight away I grabbed my little namesake off someone for some photos
Isn't she adorable?
Then found my nephew all braided up and super excited to get a haircut!
He sat like this for at least an hour, waiting so patiently!!
In case your wondering, yes we removed the hood to cut his hair, but those photos turned out too blurry
One his hair was attacked by the many visitors, the hairdresser arrived to save the day!
Turning this:
and this:
Into this:
Isn't he handsome?
Of course big sister had to have a photo in her pretty dress too
and for the first time EVER, I managed to get a photo of my brother and his girlfriend
I'm so pleased to be able to take part in this once-in-a-lifetime event!

18 November 2013

Photo Shoot

I love mittens
I HATE the cold
Those two statements merged this winter. I have now knitted three pairs of mittens
Husband thinks I'm crazy, until my cold hands meet his bare skin and then he remembers why I need them
Last week, I finished the most divine pair of mittens as a test for Katja from Woolly World Knits
I splurged out and bought some beautiful Touch Yarn
My LYS had some, so I chose a skein of Merino Random 4ply
The mittens have turned out sooooo well that when my workmate asked me to take photos of her latest Finished Object, I HAD to get her to take pics of my mittens
Of course there are only so many angles one can get photos of mittens.... but I'm happy with the results
Of course there were a few photos that didn't make the Ravelry cut...
Then there was one were I got a bit over enthusiastic and got stuck in the rose bush
Thorns are NOT cool
This photo ended up being my favourite

Naturally I'm now making wrist warmers - for when I need to use my fingers :-)
Make sure you check out the photos of Leisl's lovely cardi too

11 November 2013

Blog Series: What has Becky been up to?

Welcome to Part 1 of my first blog series!
In this series, I'll tell you what I've been up to on my weekends
Now that I have some time, I can catch you up on my adventures
At the end of October, NZ has a public holiday
Some family memebers wanted to take their caravans on a trip
We couldn't decide between going up North or going South
We eventually decided on Matarui Bay up north
Here's a photo story of what we did
We climbed a very steep hill to look at the Rainbow Warrior monument
Everyone else checked the map to see where the actual ship is
I took photos of people taking photos...
...and looking at the monument...
...and got photo bombed
So on the way down I took a picture of the beach
We spent the weekend driving around, playing baseball
(I destroyed two balls with my super awesome swing)
going for walks and generally not doing much

08 November 2013


I know what you're thinking
Yes that is a strange blog title
Its something that happens every day in my household
And I have proof:
All the white ladies always sit on the left and the brown on the right
Here's my 'whitey's'
And my 'brownies'
I haven't given them proper names yet other than 'douchy mcdouche face', 'poo-bum' and 'oi stop trying to eat my feet!'
Whatever I name them, it'll be the same name for all of them
When I name pets, they die
My goldfish are a classic example
They have no name, they've stayed alive for well over a year now - yes I'm as shocked as you are!
Stayed tuned for my next post where I start my first blog series "What has Becky been up to?"
Its exciting stuff!

11 October 2013


You know what I learned last year?
How to work out Daylight Savings
Every year its always the same "do the clocks go forward or backwards an hour?"
I was told this little piece of common sense (not my usual forte) and now I always remember
"Spring Forward in Springtime"
So we move the clocks forward
That means when we are heading into Winter, we are going back an hour
I know
Since its Springtime, I have added a photo of one of my peach trees
This one is called 'Christina' and has amazingly deep red leaves one the blossoms disappear
In case your wondering, no I did not name all my trees... well, maybe some
No I'm kidding!
Some of the tree's had names on their tags so I try to just go by those
Yes, in case you were wondering, my husband does think I'm crazy...
The plum tree tag said 'Luisa' and another said 'Bert's Early' so its name Bert or was that Dan...?
One of the orange trees said 'Richard's Special'. My brother's name is Richard so its easy to remember
Don't get me started on Orion... its a super duper early peach tree and is already covered in teeny tiny fruit
Following up on my Orchard post two years ago, yes I have made a list of all my trees and even done a 'floor plan' of them so that I know who is who
I don't really need it except to check the finer details, like which of the four plum trees has the round plums that will be ready at Christmas
Mmmm plums...
Now speaking of Christmas and the approaching summer season, I'm getting my fitness on!
I know I'm a shocker and this is attempt #896825351 at getting fit
So I joined the gym
 Since I have to pay for it, it makes sense to actually go right?
So I've been going twice a week
So far I've only attended the the ab class and the weights class a few times each. I really enjoy going along to them and the instructors make it fun
(insert husband saying ' "fun and enjoy" are not appropriate words to describe that punishment')
Next week we start up playing Hockey again. We all know how last season turned out...
The goal: I should be able to at least lift my own scuba gear this summer!
Aaaannnddd since you know me only too well, here's a pic of my latest knitted creation
Its called the Voluminosa Cowl and I was super excited to be apart of the Knit-Along and a chance to win some amazing yarn I might not otherwise get to ever use
I was going to write that I have all my fingers and toes cross that I'll win the final prize in a few days time, but if I do I probably won't win so just note to yourself that I haven't 'actually' said that!
Next up, I'm testing another hat and some mittens
I spoiled myself and spent more than I usally would on yarn. I found this at my LYS hiding down on one of the bottom shelves 
Once I untangle it, I'm going to use it for the mitten test!
Hint to family: buy Becky a skein winder for Christmas....
Lots of love

13 September 2013

Special Delivery for a Special KAL

Look what arrived in the mail for me this week!
My new KnitPro Nova Metal Interchangeable circular set and a Symfonie Wood DPN set!
Eeek I'm so excited!!!!
The first project I'll be making with these lovely new toys is the Voluminosa Cowl by Katja Ottosson
I have my all my fingers and toes crossed hoping I win a prize in the Knit-A-Long (KAL) which starts on Sunday
I'll be using some lovely green/blue yarn that I purchased at my LYS just for this project.
It was perfect timing. Here I was at my LYS talking about needing 12ply yarn and the ladies at the store said that one of their suppliers missed printing one small thing on the labels of the yarn and had to discount it to clear it!
Its lambs wool and oh so lovely

02 September 2013

Chicken Mansion

Here it is, the promised Chicken post
I've always loved chickens. They're clever, but really thick at the same time
They're amusing and cute
They follow me around and I love it!
When Husband and I bought a lifestyle property, I knew we would have chickens on it
Huband told me if I could find a coup design, he would build it
Everything I looked at was average. Then I found the one I wanted. It was tall enough for me to walk in and had enough space for 5-10 chickens
We planned to make it in a few years time but JJ's sister had to move house and needed somewhere for her chickens to move to.
We immediately got to work building the 'mansion'
We started with the foundations
Then put down the flooring and started the wall frames

Next we put on more framing and the roof trusses
(someone please tell me if thats not the right word so that I can fix it!)
Since it was raining, I didn't get a lot of shots, but here is the finished outside front
When I open it up in the mornings, there is a welcoming sight!
Don't be fooled though, two of those white ones are fake
One of my crazy ladies decided its okay to lay her egg from the roost so I'm trying to encourage her to move into the nesting box
Every Saturday I give mine a good cleanout and fluff up their nesting boxes
Here's a pic of the hens all running away from me
 I have a million better shots but do you think I could find one?
 Edit to add: signing up with Meghan over at MNM's with Things I'm Loving
(and me, being me, can't figure out how to get the link to work...)

23 August 2013

Daffodil Beauty

Daffodils are my absolute favourite flower
I don't know why, I think the yellow beauties just pull me in
When I was 10-15 years old we lived in the country with a cranky old lady living across the road. Every spring, my brothers and I would wait until we knew she had
a) gone out
b) gone out
c) walked down the road/gone out
and we would race across the road and pick her daffodils
I know, mean right? Well no it wasn't!
She had hundreds of them. It was like a dumping ground for daffodils by her letter box almost on the road, and after we went in with a bucket and left, there were still heaps of them there
We like to think she didn't know they were gone. Because she didn't!
I have expressed to everyone that I will be planting daffodils everywhere on my property
Originally, I wanted to get married in September just so we could have daffodils as the flowers
Note: Remember, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere!
Winter is almost gone and now the flowers are starting to spring up out of the ground
My lovely Mother-In-Law is always buying me random out-of-the-blue presents and imagine my delight when I was at her house and she said she had planted some daffodils for me
In a plant pot
So far one is fully opened. It's one with a orange trumpet. I've always found those ones amusing
Isn't it amazing???
The second is almost opened all the way and its a full yellow one - my favourite!
There are three others and I'm very excited to see how they turn out

05 August 2013


I don't have much of an update, other than to ramble on and on.....
So I thought I'd share what I've been dreaming about lately
And by dreaming, I mean drooling
So you can exclude zombies. Plus that was last night's nightmare....
Anyway... I've been looking at yarn online
I worked out that to buy enough for two upcoming projects, and using the yarn recommended by the designer, it would cost me AUD $72.90
Thats $84 NZD!
Outragous when I could get a suitable enough yarn at my LYS* for less than $20 for the same projects!
But a little squirrel (who am I kidding, we don't have squirrels in NZ) better make that possum, told me my LYS is having a good sale soon so I will be keeping my eyes open!
I've also been drooling at this:
Can you tell what it is? Its the KnitPro interchangeable circular set
I look at it all the time, just to make sure its still real
All the knitting nerds say 'yeea-aah'
Well in other yarn related news I cast on my blue hand-dyed about a week ago
I started making this scarf
(yip, still obsessed with WWK)
Here's my progress so far:
I've done over 30cm so far and almost two pattern repeats
Only 140cm to go!
You can check out my up-to-date progress here. Its not going very quickly as I'm working on something else at home and only working on this at my LYS in my lunchbreak
Once I finish the at-home-special-request/secret-project I'll get back to the scarf
With the weather warming up I'm running out of cold to wear my woolly items!
Here's Whangarei's weather for this week
So while this was a boring non-eventful post, I hope you do like my blog
Because I enjoy writing it and you're not getting rid of me that easily!!!
*LYS = Local Yarn Store

25 July 2013

Project Update!

Its been a while since I last updated you about my recent projects

It was when I had just finished my first Milo vest for Milo May
I made a second one for my niece, Miss 7
Its identical to her sisters one but this pic shows the back
Now I've slowly been working my way through the Woolly World Knits patterns
They sucked me in with their pretty colours
Since discovering Katja's patterns, I've developed a obsession with hats and mittens
Another Testing opportunity came up but this time for a Hat/Mitten set so I started with the Validus Mittens
Everyone else did their hats first and you know me, I like to do things differently!
Then I made the Validus Hat
I was hoping for a cold day to bundle up with my hat and mittens for an awesome photo shoot, but the sun came out and ruined my plans!
(plus I finished the day before my Samoa trip and I needed to get my test results in)
Then I finished a Webby
Ok I know the photo looks like an egg yolk but thats what you get with white bench-tops
I wanted to show how the top of the hat and the 'web' looks
That and the picture of me wearing this hat in my boat with a raincoat, sunglasses and life-jacket on is not inspiring...

Then, I realised a certain little lady's birthday was coming up and I had promised her a hat
Remember my Hat Marathon conversation with Kate?
So she got this Arya hat
I'm proud to say I didn't make a single mistake with this hat
Not that I always make mistakes, I don't, but this pattern was so beautifully written and so easy to follow I'll try to make one for myself
That and I kept the old written version because Me + Charts = FAIL so I need written versions
Now I'm planning her brother's hats
I'm not saying they'll get their's for their birthdays (Samuel, Isaac.... if you're reading this)
It might be random, it might be Christmas
Who am I kidding, it'll probably be their birthdays
I've been looking up Men's hats and found ONE I like
Where are all the men's hat designers?
Designers who use DK/8 ply yarn?
Non-exsistant thats where! If you're out there and reading this..... I want hats for boys/men
Not hats that can be made with pink yarn and changed into girls hats
Oh and I need it by January at the latest :-)
Anway..... moving on....
Last night I finished these beauties
They're called Avena
One is a little bit tighter than the other because I made it while watching a zombie tv show and let me tell you zombie's scare me more than anything else in the world
But I keep watching it because I NEED to know that they don't take over the world!
So as you can see I'm a walking advertisement for Woolly World Knits!
And I'm proud of it because the patterns are amazing
Why don't you pop over and have a look at all the pretty patterns?
Now remember I told you I'd give hand-dying yarn a try?
Well I did it!
I got my large stock-pot, mixed my die, added the yarn and stired it all around
I tried Blue
I tried Yellow
I also tried Red but the photos of it in the pot aren't very good
I ended up with some beautiful colours!
I started winding up the blue last night and its oh so squishy and pretty!!
I also learnt a few things:
1. Don't tie the skein up too loosly or the ties move together and everything else ends up knotted
2. Use acrylic for ties because those don't soak up the colour. I used opposite colours so the ties were easier to find
3. The Spin Cycle on my washing machine is awesome. I laid it out so it wouldn't tangle and since all the water was spun out it took very little time to dry
4. Don't tie the ties too tight. My red had white streaks because the die couldn't get through to the yarn on the inside!
I'll be using these skeins for myself!
(Insert evil genius laugh here)
And I'm planning on casting on one of these amazing colours in the next few days!