23 August 2013

Daffodil Beauty

Daffodils are my absolute favourite flower
I don't know why, I think the yellow beauties just pull me in
When I was 10-15 years old we lived in the country with a cranky old lady living across the road. Every spring, my brothers and I would wait until we knew she had
a) gone out
b) gone out
c) walked down the road/gone out
and we would race across the road and pick her daffodils
I know, mean right? Well no it wasn't!
She had hundreds of them. It was like a dumping ground for daffodils by her letter box almost on the road, and after we went in with a bucket and left, there were still heaps of them there
We like to think she didn't know they were gone. Because she didn't!
I have expressed to everyone that I will be planting daffodils everywhere on my property
Originally, I wanted to get married in September just so we could have daffodils as the flowers
Note: Remember, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere!
Winter is almost gone and now the flowers are starting to spring up out of the ground
My lovely Mother-In-Law is always buying me random out-of-the-blue presents and imagine my delight when I was at her house and she said she had planted some daffodils for me
In a plant pot
So far one is fully opened. It's one with a orange trumpet. I've always found those ones amusing
Isn't it amazing???
The second is almost opened all the way and its a full yellow one - my favourite!
There are three others and I'm very excited to see how they turn out

05 August 2013


I don't have much of an update, other than to ramble on and on.....
So I thought I'd share what I've been dreaming about lately
And by dreaming, I mean drooling
So you can exclude zombies. Plus that was last night's nightmare....
Anyway... I've been looking at yarn online
I worked out that to buy enough for two upcoming projects, and using the yarn recommended by the designer, it would cost me AUD $72.90
Thats $84 NZD!
Outragous when I could get a suitable enough yarn at my LYS* for less than $20 for the same projects!
But a little squirrel (who am I kidding, we don't have squirrels in NZ) better make that possum, told me my LYS is having a good sale soon so I will be keeping my eyes open!
I've also been drooling at this:
Can you tell what it is? Its the KnitPro interchangeable circular set
I look at it all the time, just to make sure its still real
All the knitting nerds say 'yeea-aah'
Well in other yarn related news I cast on my blue hand-dyed about a week ago
I started making this scarf
(yip, still obsessed with WWK)
Here's my progress so far:
I've done over 30cm so far and almost two pattern repeats
Only 140cm to go!
You can check out my up-to-date progress here. Its not going very quickly as I'm working on something else at home and only working on this at my LYS in my lunchbreak
Once I finish the at-home-special-request/secret-project I'll get back to the scarf
With the weather warming up I'm running out of cold to wear my woolly items!
Here's Whangarei's weather for this week
So while this was a boring non-eventful post, I hope you do like my blog
Because I enjoy writing it and you're not getting rid of me that easily!!!
*LYS = Local Yarn Store