19 October 2012


I've decided that when I'm fit, I'll be awesome
Remember back in March when I decided I needed to get fit tried exercising and the powers that be possesed my cat?
There's something out there stopping me from getting fit
Well this is where the story starts again
My attempt to get fit. Take #45862193
Husband and I signed up to play Hockey
We decided each week that we'd start running/jogging/doing something to get ourselves ready for the Hockey season and summer
Those few weeks came and went and before we knew it, we were putting on our running shoes and going out on the field with our sticks
That was last Wednesday, I came away with a pulled muscle under my bum/top of my left leg
A few days later, I stepped down a bigger than usual step and pulled the top front of my right leg
( I'm not good at biology, I don't know the names of the muscles ) 
One leg couldn't go up, the other couldn't go down
This week on Hockey day, I ran about three steps and couldn't go on, it was too sore. Now in this Hockey game, you have to have three girls on the field at all times. There were only three girls who turned up. Me included.
I was in for a whole game
I stood on one spot and told everyone about my sore legs and pretty much feeling sorry for myself/sad I wasn't helping much and there were no girl subs

Well I stood there defending the goal as best as I could and someone got pretty close and wacked the ball. I mean they wacked this thing good and proper

It hit my leg. To be more precise, it hit the spot on my ankle that my shin pad had twisted away from

End result = me screaming out a loud profanity and husband carrying me off the field

I know this all sounds extremely dreadful but I'm okay. I will survive. For as long as I know how to - hang on, that doesn't sound, um...

Anyway....this is what my ankle looked like just before the ice went on
and this is what it looked like today, two days later
The brusing has travelled down my leg, that red patchy bit is the actual point of impact
So after playing hockey I have two pulled muscles and a swollen ankle
( currently referred to as the 'cankle' )
Sheesh! Excercising is dangerous!
On a lighter note, my cute little niece wore the pink vest, hat and mittens ( well, one of the mittens ) I made