23 August 2013

Daffodil Beauty

Daffodils are my absolute favourite flower
I don't know why, I think the yellow beauties just pull me in
When I was 10-15 years old we lived in the country with a cranky old lady living across the road. Every spring, my brothers and I would wait until we knew she had
a) gone out
b) gone out
c) walked down the road/gone out
and we would race across the road and pick her daffodils
I know, mean right? Well no it wasn't!
She had hundreds of them. It was like a dumping ground for daffodils by her letter box almost on the road, and after we went in with a bucket and left, there were still heaps of them there
We like to think she didn't know they were gone. Because she didn't!
I have expressed to everyone that I will be planting daffodils everywhere on my property
Originally, I wanted to get married in September just so we could have daffodils as the flowers
Note: Remember, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere!
Winter is almost gone and now the flowers are starting to spring up out of the ground
My lovely Mother-In-Law is always buying me random out-of-the-blue presents and imagine my delight when I was at her house and she said she had planted some daffodils for me
In a plant pot
So far one is fully opened. It's one with a orange trumpet. I've always found those ones amusing
Isn't it amazing???
The second is almost opened all the way and its a full yellow one - my favourite!
There are three others and I'm very excited to see how they turn out

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