02 September 2013

Chicken Mansion

Here it is, the promised Chicken post
I've always loved chickens. They're clever, but really thick at the same time
They're amusing and cute
They follow me around and I love it!
When Husband and I bought a lifestyle property, I knew we would have chickens on it
Huband told me if I could find a coup design, he would build it
Everything I looked at was average. Then I found the one I wanted. It was tall enough for me to walk in and had enough space for 5-10 chickens
We planned to make it in a few years time but JJ's sister had to move house and needed somewhere for her chickens to move to.
We immediately got to work building the 'mansion'
We started with the foundations
Then put down the flooring and started the wall frames

Next we put on more framing and the roof trusses
(someone please tell me if thats not the right word so that I can fix it!)
Since it was raining, I didn't get a lot of shots, but here is the finished outside front
When I open it up in the mornings, there is a welcoming sight!
Don't be fooled though, two of those white ones are fake
One of my crazy ladies decided its okay to lay her egg from the roost so I'm trying to encourage her to move into the nesting box
Every Saturday I give mine a good cleanout and fluff up their nesting boxes
Here's a pic of the hens all running away from me
 I have a million better shots but do you think I could find one?
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  2. Whoops. I just clicked the delete button. :S

    ... Anyway. Those chickens are so cute! =D What a cute little chicken mansion you've build them.

    And I know, right? It's a dusty green/bluish color. I really like it! =D

    1. Thanks :-)
      I've got big design plans for the chicken house, but its all secret for now :-p

  3. That's a very impressive looking home for your chooks. I'm always so impressed with the beautiful colours that free range egg shells come in too. Great to have you linking up this week xx