24 June 2012

Ripple Blanket!!

Right so I had a brainwave, Blogger App!
Searched it, found it, installed it!

So finally here it is:

The Ripple Blanket!!

Well I don't know how this will work.

I'm trying to put the pics between my writing but that's not working!!

Ah well, here are the pics

19 June 2012

Photos and Craziness

I usually update my posts in my lunch break or before work, or sometime where I have access to my photos and the internet

Well that just hasn't happened for weeks!

I got a new computer at work that won't let me use the new blogger template or upload photos

Then Husband got an iPad, that thing won't let me upload photos

My iPhone won't let me upload photos

I'm stuck

So here I am, at home working on some slippers ( which are supposed to have car racing stripes, we'll get to that another day ) when all I want to do is share my finished ripple blanket with the world!

And what do you know, I go to the computer, I log in and stupid iPhoto says 'upgrade or die!!!'

Okay I'm lying, it says 'quit or upgrade' 

Now I can't share my photos, have 855 incoming messages and I'm really loosing my patience

So here are some pics that I have been able to access:

Here's my latest diving adventure, we went to the Tutukaka coast, to look for crayfish.
We found one, he was too small

I would have a picture of it, but I let go of the camera and it floated away

Later, while eating lunch in the boat, Husband saw it floating by! Hurrah!!

This is me, at 16 meters deep ( 52 feet )

Here's Husband and I - hows this for a couples shot??? 

And here's the ugly blanket I repaired for someone
Now, before you say anything, I was asked: 
''could you please fix this ugly blanket for me?" 

While I was working on the brown blanket repairing holes and praying I wouldn't break the already thin, very old and worn wool, Husband was setting up the new TV bracket
Miss Holly found the box it came in
And made herself at home

Once my photos are working, I'll be putting up pics of my Ripple Blanket!!!