11 October 2013


You know what I learned last year?
How to work out Daylight Savings
Every year its always the same "do the clocks go forward or backwards an hour?"
I was told this little piece of common sense (not my usual forte) and now I always remember
"Spring Forward in Springtime"
So we move the clocks forward
That means when we are heading into Winter, we are going back an hour
I know
Since its Springtime, I have added a photo of one of my peach trees
This one is called 'Christina' and has amazingly deep red leaves one the blossoms disappear
In case your wondering, no I did not name all my trees... well, maybe some
No I'm kidding!
Some of the tree's had names on their tags so I try to just go by those
Yes, in case you were wondering, my husband does think I'm crazy...
The plum tree tag said 'Luisa' and another said 'Bert's Early' so its name Bert or was that Dan...?
One of the orange trees said 'Richard's Special'. My brother's name is Richard so its easy to remember
Don't get me started on Orion... its a super duper early peach tree and is already covered in teeny tiny fruit
Following up on my Orchard post two years ago, yes I have made a list of all my trees and even done a 'floor plan' of them so that I know who is who
I don't really need it except to check the finer details, like which of the four plum trees has the round plums that will be ready at Christmas
Mmmm plums...
Now speaking of Christmas and the approaching summer season, I'm getting my fitness on!
I know I'm a shocker and this is attempt #896825351 at getting fit
So I joined the gym
 Since I have to pay for it, it makes sense to actually go right?
So I've been going twice a week
So far I've only attended the the ab class and the weights class a few times each. I really enjoy going along to them and the instructors make it fun
(insert husband saying ' "fun and enjoy" are not appropriate words to describe that punishment')
Next week we start up playing Hockey again. We all know how last season turned out...
The goal: I should be able to at least lift my own scuba gear this summer!
Aaaannnddd since you know me only too well, here's a pic of my latest knitted creation
Its called the Voluminosa Cowl and I was super excited to be apart of the Knit-Along and a chance to win some amazing yarn I might not otherwise get to ever use
I was going to write that I have all my fingers and toes cross that I'll win the final prize in a few days time, but if I do I probably won't win so just note to yourself that I haven't 'actually' said that!
Next up, I'm testing another hat and some mittens
I spoiled myself and spent more than I usally would on yarn. I found this at my LYS hiding down on one of the bottom shelves 
Once I untangle it, I'm going to use it for the mitten test!
Hint to family: buy Becky a skein winder for Christmas....
Lots of love