20 December 2011

My Secret Project

This week, I'm linking up to the awesome Paisley Jade
Following Kristy's blog made me want to learn how to crochet soooooo badly

I googled, you-tubed, stole my mums crochet books and hooks and finally worked it out, hurray!

I made this cute little teeny tiny newborn set for a friend

I worked on this for surprisingly less time than I originally thought I would and now the recipient has received it, I'm not spoiling the surprise by posting a photo

The hardest item was the first bootie, but once I unravelled it a few times, trying to figure it out, emailed the website for help twice, I ended up making the second one in about an hour

Now I know the persons website where I got this from (well, the jacket and booties) says I can't post the pattern because of copyrights blah blah blah etc, but surely I'm allowed to show you a picture of the finished product!

So here it is:

I really want to make a few more sets, I just need people to give me enough warning to make it in time before their due date!

15 December 2011

I've been busy again...

So you've been wondering where I've been
I know you've missed me

I really wish I had the time ( or a laptop ) where I could sit and blog every week, its not practical for me to go upstairs, sit on the computer, think about what I want to write, wait for AGES uploading photos and then when I've finished, I've realised I could have been doing something practical

My last post was about how I got a new job
I'm now a Personal Assistant
I started on the 1st of December and its great, I'm really enjoying it

I've also made something so fantastic for my skill level in crochet that I just HAD to share it with someone, so I decided to instead of keep it just to look at and say " I made that as my very first proper project " I sent it off to a pregnant friend
I want her to open the present before I post a pic 
( as you would expect when you send someone a gift ) 
so you most definitely will hear from me in a week when their package arrives and I'll be putting up a picture!!!

So since I love sharing photos, here's a picture of Miss Holly and what she does every night when I get home from work until I feed her
She makes me laugh every time!

Oh, and I'm looking for a house sitter