15 December 2011

I've been busy again...

So you've been wondering where I've been
I know you've missed me

I really wish I had the time ( or a laptop ) where I could sit and blog every week, its not practical for me to go upstairs, sit on the computer, think about what I want to write, wait for AGES uploading photos and then when I've finished, I've realised I could have been doing something practical

My last post was about how I got a new job
I'm now a Personal Assistant
I started on the 1st of December and its great, I'm really enjoying it

I've also made something so fantastic for my skill level in crochet that I just HAD to share it with someone, so I decided to instead of keep it just to look at and say " I made that as my very first proper project " I sent it off to a pregnant friend
I want her to open the present before I post a pic 
( as you would expect when you send someone a gift ) 
so you most definitely will hear from me in a week when their package arrives and I'll be putting up a picture!!!

So since I love sharing photos, here's a picture of Miss Holly and what she does every night when I get home from work until I feed her
She makes me laugh every time!

Oh, and I'm looking for a house sitter


  1. Such a cute cat!! Glad I got to view some of your makings - you are making amazing stuff!! How long do you need a sitter for?

  2. thanks! I need one from around boxing day to the 10th