14 November 2011

Wide Awake

Hello Again!!

Guess what? I'm not sick anymore!
Well, actually, ahem... thats not 100% true...

Ask anyone who's been around me or spoken to me this past week.
I still sound awful

Last week I started getting sick again

It wasn't as bad as last time

But I managed to go to work at least and only have half a sick day instead of consecutive 7 sick days. 
So in my books, thats a major improvement

What I didn't mention last time, was the stress. I wasn't just sick. I was stressed too. Stressed out mostly because I was sick

My husband was in Christchurch, and I always worry when he's down there. I mean, come on, its shakey-town. When I went down there last I felt an aftershock and while it was very small to the locals, it was  quite scary for me

Secondly, I applied for a new job. That gets my nerves going at the best of time. I had a job interview on the Tuesday that I went home sick in September

I felt really bad applying for a new job.  
Leaving the familiarity of my current job to do something totally different?!? Thats pretty scary stuff
Same company, different role

The week after, found out I got the job

What I forgot was that I'd have to leave five years worth of work & customer relationships that I worked hard to maintain. 
Then, after I took two weeks to get over that, I realized I'd have to actually tell those people I was leaving them.
I cried for days
I told my work colleagues - the ones not in my office, but based in another city, last week. 
I did start to cry after reading their 'good luck' replies to my email, they were so nice to me
I still haven't told my customers... I'm too scared

I'm buzzing with the chance of a change and excited to be starting my new role ( about 3 meters away from where I sit in the office currently ) on December 1st

My first task is to buy Christmas presents for the 50+ children coming to the 'Kids Christmas Party' - Eeek!

So thats just my work story

Next is my home story

I've been super busy at home with Jeremy

I've built a fence, built a mini retaining wall, cleaned out the garage, built some shelves, planted trees, mowed the lawns ( it takes 2 hours - on the ride-on lawn mower )
and numerous other things
My weekends are pretty full on and now my biggest job is to oil-stain the fence

Then Jeremy's sister got married, sorry I don't have any good pics but here's one of Jeremy and I

Here's some slippers I made by stitching granny squares together

This pair is for my nephew

and this pair is for my Mummy

and while I was sick I made this cute little beanie for a toddler
I don't know any little girls so I gave it to someone at work who is going to give it to her granddaughter

and of course I've been busy watching the rugby for the World Cup, it finished at the end of October, but because I was too busy I didn't post
Here are my Mum's decorations. We went to her place each week to watch the games

and thats all for now

I will try to post more often but with summer coming I'll be outside a whole lot more and getting time in front of the computer will be a challenge!


08 November 2011

I've been busy

Hi Everyone

I've been uber busy

I plan to give a MASSIVE update

I'm just too busy to do one though

I promise I won't be too much longer

x Becky