23 April 2012

And the Winner is...

Well, my first ever giveaway was not what I expected

I have 10 followers and I guess I just got my hopes up a bit too high

Anyway, I did get one person say they would like to enter my draw for the beanie!

So the winner is:


you can visit Arna's blog here

I love her blog and always go back to see if its been updated

I'm looking forward to seeing little Princess Adelaide in her new purple beanie! 

16 April 2012


Hola Amigos!

This weekend I went to a relatives 21st birthday

The theme?



Most people got right into it and dress up amazingly

Here are some of the pics

Here's husband

and here's me!

'Smile' I said
so up went the guns!

yes... well...

Senorita Taco!

and the birthday girl, striking a pose in her redbands
( cause that was all she wanted this year )

and by far my favourite costume of the night!
The cactus!!!

just chilling out

well it is a poncho!


Happy Birthday!!!

11 April 2012

Easter Adventures

Of course there has to be a post about Easter

On Friday we headed out to Kai Iwi lakes, the lakes are beautiful, but some crazy nutter chopped down all the trees and now the place looks like a deserted forest

I'm a "sit down and do nothing" relaxer

Husband is a "get out and do activities" relaxer

So here he is, doing stuff

Riding on the beach buggy

Still riding on the beach buggy

Riding on the dirt-bike

Still riding on the dirt-bike

 Playing Jump-Rope
( well, holding the rope. Somehow I don't have pictures of him jumping too )

Still playing Jump-Rope

And look, there I was taking photos and someone decided to hand me the rope
( thats me in the purple )

Of course Easter wouldn't be Easter without chocolate
Pretty good haul this year!

For the second half of my weekend, we went to Whananaki
and drove around the estuary in our boat

cause thats what all the cool people do

And finally, it would NOT be a holiday without making something

This was supposed to go to someone for their birthday coming up
Its supposed to be a puffy slouchy beanie, one of those really chic ones that hang off your head
Instead its child sized cause I've done who knows what wrong!
I'd say a 5ish year old would fit it and grow into it nicely for a few years

So now, I'm giving it away - to someone with a little girl
If you want it, no matter where you are I'll send it
I have one condition... you MUST send me a cute pic of your precious angel wearing it for me to post

It won't be first in first served sorry. I'll keep it open for a week and then draw the names out of a hat

Good luck and Happy Easter
( ...for last weekend, for the Easter thing )

10 April 2012

Green Pig - Oink Oink!!!

Okay so I tried to do a blog makeover

That was a HUGE fail!

So.... does anyone out there run 'blogging lessons'...?

I need some!

Anyway..... here is the promised photo of the Green Pig


And of course Easter has just been so I should really say something about my long weekend

But instead, Husband stole the camera

So you'll have to wait for tomorrow!!!