21 February 2013

Baked Banana Cheesecake

Last week my husband bought home a bunch of banana's
"You have to make me a cake" he said
I later found out that his work was issued with a challenge
A bake-off
Using bananas
Wives were NOT allowed to help in said baking
Someone made muffins, others made cakes
Husband proclaimed I was now not to make a cake, because someone already had and it was "the best cake ever" and I clearly would not beat it
My specialty is not cakes. My cakes are hard, solid, hunks of cake
If you want a brick, ask me to make you a cake
So Husband searched for ideas and decided he wanted a cheesecake
I've made cheesecakes before and they have never been baked. You whip them up pour in the gelatine, put them in the fridge and voila - you have a cheesecake
So my challenge was to find something that Husband could make without my assistance
After lots of searching, I found this recipe
It involved baking 
I thought to myself 'uh-oh' and prayed it wouldn't turn out as a waste of food
On the way home from work we picked up the ingrediants. We got home and got into it
*insert pics of husband baking here*
Now unfortunately I was not allowed to take pictures during the baking process
I wanted to
I really really wanted to
What you don't know is my husband was using my pink/red/purple baking accessories
I was banned from taking pictures
It was interesting watching Husband's method though
The first step was to crush the biscuits "how am I supposed to do THAT??" - I reminded him about the smoothie maker
Add butter "but its hard" - I reminded him to check the list of ingrediants
Then the instructions said 'place in a greased and lined 22cm springform tin' - by this stage I was quietly laughing to myself as Husband proclaimed that baking instructions need to be written in proper English and this instruction clearly was not
I pointed him in the direction of the springform tin and told him that picking up the hunk of butter to grease the tin (rather than using the brush) means he now needs to wash his hands again
He found the measuring cups and spoons and after showing him how the mixer works, he managed quite well making the filling
The only thing I did was help check if it was ready once baked
This morning the topping went on
He used cream with and grated white chocolate on top
Want to see it?
I'm told it was a yummy morning tea!