10 April 2013

Hat Marathon Update

Okay so I've given up on hats
I made four hats
There are only so many hats you can make before a pair of mittens jumps out at you and screams "Make MEEEEeeee!!!!"
I still need to get rid of all those teeny tiny balls of scraps, but a wise co-worker said "why not make a hot water bottle cover with stripes or something?"
So that's what I shall do (after I make the one I purchased more yarn for only yesterday)
I have a few things on my 'to make' list
1. A pair of hand-warmers which are cast on and in progress. 
2. A hot water bottle requested by my sister-in-law - I'll have to make this twice, because I want one too
3. A case for my iPad. As simple as these are, I can't just whip up a knitted one like with my crochet.
I'm not creative that way with knitting and I just cannot figure out my own pattern!
I just don't feel like I know what I'm doing yet... still waiting for that lightbulb moment...
4. Zeg Wamers - because who does't want to dress like a ballerina and wear these over pants?
And to put it quite simply, scare the bejebus out of their husband because they aren't allowed to buy a onesie...
5. Slippers. I have one on my queue, but I'm not sure they're 'the ones' yet. Still deciding.
6. A Cowl for my Bestie. I made three of these last year and they are very, very easy to make. I'm thinking of making the Big Herringbone Cowl because it looks like the stitch would be really hard but I'm sure its actually very easy. Its going to be one of those "Did you MAKE THAT???" moments.
I told her about it so now I have to make it. I've got until September so depending on my knitting speed, this might jump the queue
Since I have the patience of a ... wait, I have no patience! I had to go and take new pictures of my four hats
A newborn hat
Cashmere. Mmmmm
A child sized hat
I think I'll give this to my niece. Miss 7
 Hermoine's Hat (yes, you read that correctly)
I'm keeping this one for myself. Its made out of Alpaca and is so squishy and soft!
Tamora Hat
Stolen by Mum
(pic with her wearing it is closer to the actual colour)
I still have to make more hats for Husband's young cousins, but the colours they want are not the colours of my stash in a large enough quantity so they'll have to wait
Or I'll just go and buy some new yarn tomorrow....
And screw up my queue order

02 April 2013

Test Knitting

I have two favourite designers on Ravelry
One makes amazing childrens clothes and has the easiest patterns to read that I have ever seen
The other makes amazing beanies and mittens and is just starting out as a designer
So you can imagine I'm always on their blogs seeing what the latest creations are and putting my name forward for testing
Unfortunatly I'm always in the wrong timezone or I've had a few days detoxing myself from Ravelry's mystical powers...
... and someone will message me
... and I'll miss the chance
So gutted!!!
Anyway this time I was in! I got to the message early enough and now I've got the chance to be a test knitter for Katja!
I was a test knitter once before, but I think the project was not the easy level stated
I made the pattern as specified, sewed it up very carefully and then my brother stole it
Worst of all, he wears it inside out because he says that is meant to be that way
Its not. I know this because I made it
Anyway, remember I'm doing a Hat Marathon to de-stash?
This fits in perfectly with my Hat theme - yay!

I've made the Tamora Hat

I must say the pattern is beautiful

Its that kind of one that fits into the nice wear to church hat category, not the "I'll just throw this on and wear in the bush" category

I finished the hat, took photos, had it stolen off me by a family member who proclaimed it was now hers

And I left my camera behind

I took tons of pictures


So you'll just have to wait and see my photos until the end of my hat making spree

I've made three hats so far and am working on the fourth

Hats made: 3