10 March 2012

Granny Stripe Blanket

I did it!
I finally finished my Granny Stripe Blanket!!!

I had a few mishaps, one big one where i missed a whole cluster and had to then go back and work it in - I was NOT unravelling the whole thing!!!

Then, I ran out of pink! Oh the dilemma!
The store told me they weren't ordering more in ''to make way for new season colours"
Well I tell you I was having none of that! 
So I put on my sad face and they ordered it in

This took me 7 months to complete because I had more than one thing on the go

I did get some other items completed  ( and started ) in that time

So here's the photos:

This is it on a double bed
This blankets sole purpose is to be my winter snuggle blanket, thats why its the size it is

Its blue, green, pink and purple with yellow edging

look at those lines...

and that boarder
( whoops just released this photo is of the back of the blanket )

aah here's the front

the measurements
153ch to start off
140 rows of trebbles

My bestie Karen, who started one before me and so I copied her
I also got my boarder from Lucy's fabulous blog

Thanks ladies :-)


  1. Wow that is so lovely...I did one of those as well..took me ages and I didn't even put a border on mine. I would be loving it too. x

  2. well done! Wow love the colours too xo

  3. Yay!!! It looks amazing - well done!! Love having my granny strip blanket to snuggle under in the winter!