17 August 2012

I've been.... knitting!!!


You guessed it, I've been knitting!

I've also been hating blogger
Does anyone else have the latest internet versions and has to fight with their settings?
I can't even see mine...

Just to get this far, is a mission in itself!

So anyhoo....

Mum taught me to knit at the end of July and I've been busy making things

I made this first, out of acrylic to see if I liked knitting
I decided I did like knitting, but not using acrylic 

Then I made this vest and learnt cables
( which are a LOT easier than they look )

and this matching hat
well, its based on that
A Ravelry friend did an alteration of it and I used her pattern

They're for my future neice
If its a girl that is

I haven't started boy items yet - I have a whole month before its due

I also knitted this beanie for a workmate, and crocheted the Logo
I'm not going to lie, the bat was a pain to make and a pain to sew on
Workmate was happy so thats all that matters! 

and finally, I finished some ' rasta ' slippers in crochet for my brother
They were a mix of these slippers but he wanted
' those bits that go up your legs like socks '   

of course he wanted them to go with his new phone case I had previously made...

I'm sure I'll get more orders from him so I'm keeping the black, red, yellow and green yarn at the ready

So thats why I haven't blogged lately - because as you can see, I've been super super busy!