05 August 2013


I don't have much of an update, other than to ramble on and on.....
So I thought I'd share what I've been dreaming about lately
And by dreaming, I mean drooling
So you can exclude zombies. Plus that was last night's nightmare....
Anyway... I've been looking at yarn online
I worked out that to buy enough for two upcoming projects, and using the yarn recommended by the designer, it would cost me AUD $72.90
Thats $84 NZD!
Outragous when I could get a suitable enough yarn at my LYS* for less than $20 for the same projects!
But a little squirrel (who am I kidding, we don't have squirrels in NZ) better make that possum, told me my LYS is having a good sale soon so I will be keeping my eyes open!
I've also been drooling at this:
Can you tell what it is? Its the KnitPro interchangeable circular set
I look at it all the time, just to make sure its still real
All the knitting nerds say 'yeea-aah'
Well in other yarn related news I cast on my blue hand-dyed about a week ago
I started making this scarf
(yip, still obsessed with WWK)
Here's my progress so far:
I've done over 30cm so far and almost two pattern repeats
Only 140cm to go!
You can check out my up-to-date progress here. Its not going very quickly as I'm working on something else at home and only working on this at my LYS in my lunchbreak
Once I finish the at-home-special-request/secret-project I'll get back to the scarf
With the weather warming up I'm running out of cold to wear my woolly items!
Here's Whangarei's weather for this week
So while this was a boring non-eventful post, I hope you do like my blog
Because I enjoy writing it and you're not getting rid of me that easily!!!
*LYS = Local Yarn Store


  1. Ooh, yay, the Knit Pro interchangeable set is invaluable! I love it so much and I never use any other needles.

    I love that you have a LYS to sit and work on your projects! Also, I love that you have a LYS to sit and work on your projects from Woolly World Knits, hee hee! =D

    1. A friend of mine bought a few and showed me. She almost didn't get them back!
      I love going to the LYS, the ladies there make me a cup of tea and everything!
      They asked about my scarf and I talked about my mittens and started pulling my Canella, Avena & Validus set out of my bag (I carry them all around depending on what I feel like wearing). They said "you should tell the designer you love her patterns this much" - I was like "Oh believe me, she knows!!"

    2. Aww! Yeah, I know! :D Btw, I learned the provisional cast on online. I'm very visual when it comes to learning, and I almost always have to have an actual video showing me the new techniques that I want to learn.

      Here's the video I found was best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OGG0AiJ3XE
      I really like Staci's videos in general. She's very good at explaining different knitting techniques without making it too complicated.

  2. You are a crack up knitting nerd... But I love people like you and Fletch's warm head is grateful also :)
    Loving this 'winter' weather too!!

    1. And proud of it haha! Ooh thats great to know the hat still fits Fletcher! If all winter days were like yesterday, I would be very happy :-)