08 November 2013


I know what you're thinking
Yes that is a strange blog title
Its something that happens every day in my household
And I have proof:
All the white ladies always sit on the left and the brown on the right
Here's my 'whitey's'
And my 'brownies'
I haven't given them proper names yet other than 'douchy mcdouche face', 'poo-bum' and 'oi stop trying to eat my feet!'
Whatever I name them, it'll be the same name for all of them
When I name pets, they die
My goldfish are a classic example
They have no name, they've stayed alive for well over a year now - yes I'm as shocked as you are!
Stayed tuned for my next post where I start my first blog series "What has Becky been up to?"
Its exciting stuff!

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