11 November 2013

Blog Series: What has Becky been up to?

Welcome to Part 1 of my first blog series!
In this series, I'll tell you what I've been up to on my weekends
Now that I have some time, I can catch you up on my adventures
At the end of October, NZ has a public holiday
Some family memebers wanted to take their caravans on a trip
We couldn't decide between going up North or going South
We eventually decided on Matarui Bay up north
Here's a photo story of what we did
We climbed a very steep hill to look at the Rainbow Warrior monument
Everyone else checked the map to see where the actual ship is
I took photos of people taking photos...
...and looking at the monument...
...and got photo bombed
So on the way down I took a picture of the beach
We spent the weekend driving around, playing baseball
(I destroyed two balls with my super awesome swing)
going for walks and generally not doing much

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