11 December 2013

Pirate Friday

Last Friday, my husband had his work 'end of year' function
This year they decided that everyone shoud dress as a pirate. Grrr!
So thats exactly what we did
I still had to go to my work in the morning, but at lunchtime I was able to leave and head to JJ's work to catch a ride with them
We headed out to the country, where some genius has created a fun park
Everyone decided that lunch must be eaten first so on went the BBQ and when it was time to turn them, well... someone forgot the tongs
Husband decided his pirate hook would be a fantastic substitue
We went on a flying fox, did archery and claybird shooting 
All while dressed as pirates... 

Next Friday is my work annual dress up day!
I'm not dressing as a pirate...

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