20 December 2013

Fancy Dress at Work

Every year in December, my work has a dress up day.
99% of people go all out and dress up amazingly.
This year, rather than our usual team themes, we decided to to individual dress ups.
The theme, which I copied off someone who goes to my church is "A famous, film or fairytale character starting with the first letter of your name"
I debated about going as Betty White, I thought that way I can bring in my knitting!
Eventually, I decided that it was summer and I needed a summer costume.
So I started searching and found Bindi Irwin. I admire Bindi, she's such a great advocate for wildlife.
So a month ago I phone Australia Zoo and ordered a name badge, this week I dyed my shirt and I even borrowed my Dad's giant crocodile that he bought when he was in Australia about seven years ago.

In other great news, tomorrow I take my caravan out to the beach for three week away from technology and most importantly - work!
There's no mobile phone signal either. It's always the best time of the year.
See you in a month!

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