10 July 2013


This weekend, my wonderful husband is off on a snow boarding weekend
He leaves on Friday and comes back on Monday
What will I do without him? Dye yarn of course!
I've got my acid dyes
I've got my 8ply and 10ply yarn (thats DK, Worsted/Aran to some of you)
I know 8ply yarn doesn't acutally have 8 individual plys but thats what's printed on the yarn tags!
It's very hard to find a yarn like super bulky when nothing you search through at your LYS has that written on the tag!
So if you're ever in a Ravelry chat room thingie and someone says "can I use 8ply" don't reply with "the ply has nothing to do with it" - because to us, it does! It really really does!
To make things easier for me when I'm in the yarn store, I am going to start carrying around a universal pocket card and go off the needle sizes too
Anyway, my point is:
I have my dyes
I have my yarn
I'm ready to go!
(provided I can find a large pot tomorrow/Friday)
Wanna see my yarn?
Oooh squishy!
Now to start unravelling it all.....


  1. Ohhh, exciting! Really looking forward to seeing the finished results! Good luck!

    1. Its all done now and hanging up to dry! Post to come soon