19 July 2013

Samoa in Pictures

Right I finally have a bit of time to catch up on things!
Well I don't really, but I'm going to squeeze it in
As you know, my husband and I went on holiday to Samoa
It was amazing, the sand, beach, fish, diving, snorkling, swimming
No so much the food....
So here's my holdiday in pictures
We stayed in Beach Fales (Fales = House in Samoan)
The water was RIGHT THERE!
And soooo warm

With friendly sand fish
The first thing we did was go snorkling at a marine reserve
I got badly sunburned
JJ taught me how to free dive
We saw so many different types of fish, it was hard to get a picture of all of them because they run away when you motor after them shoving a camera in their face
Except for the black/brown fish in the first picture (to the left of the black/white one)
He attacked!
I think he was guarding his nest. JJ's watch was bitten a few times (being black) and on the elbow
We saw some amazing coral
The sights in the main city were interesting
These buses painted in every colour you can imagine were everywhere
We went to the Apia markets
This is just one of the many many many churches in the country
This one wasnt anything special to look at but it had a moat!
 While we were driving around, we saw a LOT of coconut trees
So it only makes sense that we would see piles of coconuts
And people sitting in the back of trucks
The police didn't seem to notice....
We went to as many non-water related attrations as we could too
I call this the bridge of doom
It was HIGH
I didn't want to do it. I got up six steps before I cried, threw a tantrum and put on my sad face which unfortunatly JJ managed to get pics of!
In the end, husband put himself on the step below me and I couldn't get back down past him so the only way down was up and across
We went to a museum, looked in the door and decided pictures of ourselves outside were more interesting
But most of the things to do involved the water. Including this Ocean Trench
Which is pretty much a hole in the ground with water from the ocean swirling in and out
We went to the south side of Upolu where the tsunami hit years ago
The coral is still damaged, and the reef fish are nervous
See them in the photo? No? Exactly
One of the highlights of the trip for me was the super warm 29 degrees celcius water meaning that I could go scuba diving without getting cold
We found Nemo

And ninja Turltes!
(sorry the photo didn't turn out very good)
Would I recommend Samoa?
There are tons more photos but I've already added 30+ photos and thats almost enough
If you ever get the chance - go to Samoa!