02 July 2013

June in New Zealand

June for New Zealand is the first month of winter, its when the cold really starts to set in and everyone gets out their heaters, crank up the fireplaces and start giving us Northlanders grief about being the 'winterless north' because we don't get snow
I disagree, zero degrees = frost = freking cold!!!
If you lived in the tropics and it got down to 15 degrees, you'd be freezing cold
My point is, you acclimatise to where you live
June is also my birthday so obviously the best month of the year
This year was pretty uneventful in the way of gifts. I'm a gift giving/receiving person and refuse to give anyone random crap they don't need/want
I also don't like to receive things that I didn't need/want because then I have to pretend I like them
I'm not going to give you an example, because those many gifts may have been from someone who reads my blog - eek!
Some of my great presents:
This bee suit (you may recall an earlier post where I said I had bees)
I'm very excited ot be leaning about getting the honey out of the hive!
My Mum's going over to Bali in July so she's said I have to wait for her pressie. I know she's looking for yarn stores so I'm expecting something great from her. (hint hint Mum if you're reading this)
My brother however, rocks
Full stop
He always gets me something awesome
(mostly because I provide the list but thats another story right?)
Over the last few years, he's started asking me for birthday presents and since his birthday is a few months before mine, its easy to remind him that he is required in return to buy me a present. After all, thats only fair right?
So after giving him many options, THIS is on its way to me right now!
It's a pack of three colours: Red, Blue and Yellow.
I'm sick and tired of looking at beatiful yarn on the other side of the world where 100grams of yarn is $24 NZD and postage is $24 NZD (I'm giving the cheapest figures I've found) and then to make it worth-while it's more like you have to buy six skeins.... and so on and so on
Yarn from here I've found out is even more expensive (what?!?!?)
So I've found a cheaper solution. Buy yarn from here and dye it myself
Tomorrow's mission - rumage through the second hand shops and find a large stockpot because these are acid dyes and I can't put them in my food stockpot
The best present (which wasn't an item that I could store away in a cupboard) was from my Husband and so far the best present ever - A trip to Samoa!
I'm going to put up some pics on facebook and shall put some on here once I'm able to sort a few of the under water pics
Lastly, my bestie who is awsome and always gets me the most beautiful presents, sent this cake to me at work the week after my birthday
I work for a media company so was very grateful to the photographer downstairs who offered to take  a proper photo
(thanks John)

Can you tell? It's a yarn ball with knitting needles in it! Everything on the plate is edible
Here's a close up

And the cake insides - mmmm
This was so massive, there's still some left in the fridge!

Love tank = Full


  1. What a lot of great presents! I'm excited about that self dying set! Looking forward to seeing some awesome projects made with your own hand dyed yarn. Good luck!

    1. I'm super excited too! My husband is going away for a ski weekend in July so I'll be cranking it out then and putting yarn all over the place! Hopefully it doesn't stain my white bench....

    2. Well, good luck then! Haha, thanks! xD I don't know where the funny sailor hat tradition comes from, but I did get asked by a couple of tourists what was up with the hats, and I thought about all the other tourists who didn't know and how they must've thought we crazy. xD

    3. Thanks! Yep they sure would have been!