20 May 2013


First things first
I promised you a pic of the black beanie I made for my Mum's workmate
In my opinion, it was a huge 'read a pattern' fail!
It started out as the Tamora Hat but once it was long enough and I started doing the decreases, I realised I had done the whole thing wrong
I did K2, P2 twice then switched like the hottie bottle cover pattern
So instead I kept going then tied up all the ends together and put a pom pom on top
Also as promised, here's the finished hottie bottle
I was going to buy a ribbon, but decided instead to do a crochet chain for the tie - genius idea
(thanks Lisa)
In my last post, I mentioned it was Milo May
I've managed to get two Milo's made!
Here's the first for my niece
The second one isn't blocked and ready, but I will show you once it is
Now I haven't decided what I'll make next, but I will be attempting to knit 'right-handed' as a few patterns coming up that I want to make are too confusing to switch over to lefty instructions
Wish me luck and good tension
Since my blog isn't supposed to be just about knitting (whoops) I thought I'd share about something else
Did you know I can run 1.3kms without stopping? I checked good old Google Maps and it used to be 3.5kms
I'm trying to go for a run three times a week at least
Last week I checked the record I've been keeping, and I only ran twice! Uh-Oh
So I think I'll have to start getting up early and heading out because its getting so dark at night that I have to take a torch with me on my run. I live in the country, on a metal road where there are no street lamps
It's scary
I always manage to excersie for two weeks and then give up. I'm determined this time to NOT QUIT.
At least three-four times a week, I need to do some form of excersie for about half an hour
(I say 'about' half an hour because I almost die after seven minutes)
I'll get there slowly
Remember my last attempt?
Read about that disaster here
Or the time before that?
Read about it here
I'm going to have to stay away from balls and cats. Then I should be fine
*Just so you know, the lone claw is still there, I've been watching and waiting to see what it will become
Ooh and coming up soon I will show you the Chicken Mansion that husband and I have been working on - yes I'm getting chickens!
What have you been doing?


  1. Such cute things you have been making!! Fletch has been wearing his beanie and looks super cool in it. Perfect colour, thanks again :)

    1. Thanks RunnerGirl! Any chance you could send though a pic of him in it?

  2. Love your beanie and good on you for running! It is crazy dark in the morning - so glad I have a treadmill!

    1. Thanks! I've got a cross trainer which needs a lot of CRC!