23 May 2013


So I've been really bad
I've been *thinking* about excercising and then realised I almost missed a whole week without doing anything!
So over the last few weeks I've been checking out local fitness lady's blog Curious Runner Girl because I'd love to be able to just put on my sneakers and head out for a nice long run
My runs last about seven minutes
Then they turn into walks
On Runner Girls' website, she has Fit In Heels listed as one of her favourite blogs so I stared scrolling through the blog and I love it!
I decided I wan't to try one of the workouts, but the one I chose used a skipping rope - which I don't have so I put that on my birthday wishlist
Did I mention my birthday is less that a month away?? 
(Feel free to send me a yarn gift or a skipping rope!)
Well anyway, there I was after work looking out at the darkness and remembered, I have a cross-trainer! Yay!
After 20 minutes of that, then checking on dinner which had 17 minutes left, I decided to try out Katy's "Bitch Please 6 Minute Workout"
I figured had time - I only takes six minutes!
I wrote down what I thought were good instructions
(just incase my internet at home stopped working) and confused Plank Jumping Jacks with Pendulums and missed one out.
I also only managed five Wide Grip Push Ups since I lack any form of muscles on my arms
I did that in seven minutes
It almost killed me
So now you'll have to go and try it!
And if you don't - tell me what is your excuse for not having six minutes in the day to workout? 


  1. This is awesome, I love it! You are too funny! Katy's blog is great huh and she's hilarious!! I love doing her workouts - she had some great ones for when I was preggers too.

    1. Thanks! I just crack up reading her stuff. I saw those too, they look awkward(?) with a big belly!

  2. Awesome go you! I have just started back (yet again) trying to get fit (yet again) .. I have managed to pencil in a run on Monday mornings and Pilated (via DVD on my lounge floor) Wed and Fri nights. So far I have managed 1 run, 1 pilates! But off for my 2nd run tomorrow. I do 'couch to 5km' and I swear it is AWESOME if you want to get running, but are unfit (that's me!) as it starts you off nice and slow, and builds up the time you run slowly over a few weeks. (Needless to say, I practically died pushing the buggy over grass and I only did week 1's run .. shame on my name!!) Good luck with your get fit scheme!! :-)

    1. Thanks! I looked at couch to 5kms and was really confused! I should really get up early and do my pilates but I'm a lazy bum. I'll probably start up again with that soon. Do you have the link to the exact app? There are a few and I don't know which one to try.

  3. Thanks, Becky! I'm off in an hour or so. Good luck on knitting the rest of the set!

    1. Up to mitten #2 tonight!

    2. Yay, that's great! And for your neckwear question: It'll probably be totally new stuff at first, but I might get back to my existing designs later to try and match them up with something. ;)