03 May 2013

More Knitting...

I have decided that I need lots and lots of rain
So much rain that I can't go outside and do anything at all
Then I'll be able to sit inside and knit ALL DAY
For several days
So far, I've managed to get through two items on my list of six things to make
I made the wrist warmers
and thats about it
Mum's workmate asked for a beanie
Thats it. Just a beanie. A black beanie
So I made one and haven't taken a pic of it yet because its black and there isn't enough light in the day when I get home from work to get any good shots of it
Be sure to check out my Projects page in a few days to see how it turned out
I was a huge screw up so I made what looked like a small cowl and sewed all the ends up together then put a pom pom on top
Plus it threw off my queue order!!!!
Okay, so here I was working through my queue and all of a sudden, its May!
Its Milo May!
I haven't had a chance to join up before because I haven't been knitting for a year yet
I jumped this ahead in my queue and now I'm making a pink Milo vest
I'm hoping to be fast enough to make two. If I can, I'll even try squeezing in three!
You have to start and finish the vest within May and there are random prizes!!!
Fingers crossed!
Once I've done that, I'm going to make the Lizzie
Isn't it pretty?
Then I'll get started on my queue again

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