20 March 2012


I've been telling myself for about a year that I need to get fit

I've been reading blogs about crazy people who go running for 2.5hours


For 2.5 hours?

Are you kidding me?

I can't even walk up the stairs at work without having a heart attack!

So last week, last month, last year and past beyond that, I decided I need to get fit


Get Fit

Those words look very strange when applied to me

Last night I got home and it was raining

I was going to attempt go for a run

But since we've had 2 months worth of rain in 24 hours I put it off
( My perfectly logical excuse is I feel the cold and get sick VERY easily )

But I realised, I have a Pilates DVD in the drawer

If I can't get fit by attempting to run then I can at least try to stretch my muscles in the warmth of my own home

There was one flaw to my plan

Her name ladies and gentlemen, is Holly

Holly the nusiance

This was right next to my head

This was, well, her swiping me for moving around and not playing one of her favourite games of all time
' Cushion '

So I got to the part where you sit up and cross your legs to roll into a ball
I got as far as sitting up and crossing my legs before ' someone ' decided I had made a nice place for her to snuggle

After I got her away from my, ahem, between my legs, she moved to my head
I rolled back and had a Holly pillow

After that squishing she moved to below my legs, one was up in the air so she decided she'd try snuggling under it 

She didn't really fancy being kicked in the head as I moved my legs around
 ( that got another swipe and a stuck claw )

 Eventually I had some success and shooed her away!

As you can tell, she sulks REALLY well

Meanwhile, down where the lions roar, there's constuction happening

I thought it was drainage pipes or something

Turns out its some weird claw thing - sorry for the poor quality photo, I was driving the wrong way
( a workmate thinks it might turn into a ribcage? )

We'll just have to wait and see!

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