10 January 2012

Christmas 2011

Okay so I know its after Christmas but here's my story in pictures anyway
I've been away on holiday, since Boxing Day so I have a good excuse

This is my colour-co-ordinated Christmas tree
Its red, gold and purple
If its any other color, the decorations stay in the box cause thats the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it

This is me, with my scary-excited face on

For present time, I had an idea
My husbands family sits and takes time ( one at a time ) to open presents slowly and make it last ages
My family is more of a ready-set-explode type of whoever ends up last to open a present is the loser

So for my sister in law, I bought her a Tupperware beetroot container. Yawn
Hey, it was on her wish-list so thats what she got 
( among other things ) 
To jazz it up a bit, I hunted around work and town for boxes

This wee box was originally for coffee sachets

and went into this box which paper comes in 

which went into this box for who knows what but my huge stationary order arrived in it at work

which went into this huge box which I sourced from Supre clothing store 
( I got some strange looks carrying it home, those people were thinking "shopping spree" - I wish!!! )

so you can imagine opening each layer and finding another fully wrapped present inside - FOUR TIMES!

and here's the delighted recipient 

 Here's a pic of husband and I during "Family Christmas No.3"
( there were four in total including Christmas Eve night and by the end of the day, we were well and truly full )

and this is my brother, trying on everyones cracker hats, because thats what you do at Christmas time

 but I've saved the best for last, because this ladies and gentlemen, is a crochet hook bag!!!
man did I score on this one
my bestie made it, MADE IT!!!
her birthday is in September, I've got 8 & 1/2 months to top this

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