13 January 2012

Sponge Topping

This week, I'm on holiday and I'm loving it
Doing nothing, nothing and nothing

It was around 9.30pm last night and Mr JJ turns to me and says 
" whats for dinner ? "

To which my response was 
" well I'm on holiday, what do you want to make yourself ? " 

I went off to the kitchen to think what was the most basic thing I know how to make and is delicious so much so, that husband won't care what it is

I decided to make Sponge Topping on fruit, so naughty...

So I whipped up a batch

Out came the pears I'd preserved 
( I even have a whole preserving cupboard ! )

then put I the pears into little bowl things, 
I know they have a name but do you think I can recall what it is ??
sponge topping on top of pears

 leave in oven for half an hour and hey presto

I know you want the recipe so here it is

50g Butter
1 d Golden Syrup or Honey
¼ C Sugar
1 Egg
½ t Vanilla Essence
½ C Flour
1 t Baking Powder
2-3 T Milk

-Set oven to 180 °C
-Melt Butter and Golden Syrup
-Add Sugar, Egg & Vanilla Essence – beat to combine
-Stir (do not beat) in the Flour, Baking Powder & Milk
-Bake for 20-30 minutes until the center springs back or the top is golden brown


  1. OMG yum! Had to 'pin' this just so I can remember to be naughty at some point. :) Glad you're having a great holiday of nothingness!

  2. love it
    might have to make it!!!

  3. It also fits over one of those round casserole dishes just perfectly :-)

  4. Yum!!! Are they ramekins? Delish!!