27 June 2011

South Island Adventures

I can now officially say that I've been to the South Island

I saw the seals at Kaikoura
They didn't smell

The one on the wall in the background had a nasty temper and showed me his teeth 
The one on the grass could have let me touch him, I didn't want to risk it.... 

The public toilets were so clean at Kaikoura you could have had a picnic in the cubicle
Northland/Auckland - you need to step up your game!

We went to Hamner Springs Thermal Resort
It was so clean and new, it made Waiwera look like a dump - and it was way cheaper

On Sunday we drove around Christchurch looking at the damage, I felt bad waking around taking photos. Then I counted the tourists doing the same thing
This road was packed with cars that had pulled over to take pics of the houses perched on the edge of the cliff

This road used to be flat

This bridge used to be straight

There are lots of these signs in the Red Zone

This is how they hold up the walls in Lyttleton

...and so for all who are curious, no I didn't feel any aftershocks
There's always next time when I go down again to tackle Mt Hutt, which opened today!!


  1. Awesome pics! We totally need to sort our public toilets out up here. I still haven't been to the SI yet!

  2. the South Island is so beautiful and amazing, I fully recommend it

  3. Yes it's awesome! The SI anyway, not the damage done! Enjoy your time there xo