23 June 2011

Christchurch Here I Come!

This weekend I'm going to Christchurch...

That is provided the flight isn't cancelled due to the ash cloud from Chile
Then I need to get home again

I'm excited to be going down, not at all looking forward to an aftershock in the middle of the night...
I can see it now, sleeping, in the hotel, the shake starts rumbling, I start screaming and running for the door
At least I don't sleep naked

To be honest I'm just looking forward to using the new carry-on suitcase I got for my birthday
I would upload a photo but it wount flip around the right way...
Its purple and thats all it takes to be cool
I would take it everywhere, but people would feel uncomfortable in my awesomeness

This is the kind of thing that is frequently seen in Christchurch
My heart goes out to them

I wanna see the glacier

I want to see the seals
People say they stink really bad and you can only go near the beach if you hold your nose firmly shut
If you've ever been in the car with my dad and he's locked the windows you'll know thats its gonna be a piece of cake compared to that

Jeremy will be taking me to the thermal area, I can't remember what its called but I've been instructed to take my swimwear.

I hope its not near the seals

I shall let you know how it goes next week

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