18 May 2012

My latest WIP

I've been working on something

Something with waves, I think it kinda fits my new diving hobby
Not that I've been out since my course - I'm going diving tomorrow


Ocean - Waves - Ripples - Crochet Blanket

Acutally, it all started when I made my Granny Stripe Blanket

My husband stole it, said it was 'unfair' that I made one for myself and not him

Well, off I went to buy some more wool and found these bright amazing colours

I don't particularly like the Orange ball
I've never been a fan of Orange coloured things ( except Mandarins - YUM !!! )

So I started on a blanket for Mr Unfair

Here is my WIP
 for those who don't know, this means ' work in progress '

Its not finished so thats all you get to see

It will have a boarder and be as pretty manly as I can possibly make it

I'll probably make another one for husband because after starting this one, I don't think it suits him


I shall have to make another blanket, and buy more wool
Such torture!

But I will endure
... and I will buy more delicious wool



  1. beautiful! is still haven't done a chevron blanket yet. soon though :)

  2. Looks awesome - and I love orange!! ;)

  3. Very clever, on my to do list this is, enjoy your diving!

  4. Hey hi and thanks for linking up at the new linky location this week! Wow, those colours are AWESOME...you may have to go into business. I LOVE rainbow coloured things, tried to convince my mum and mum-in-law to make me some rainbow coloured arm warmers last year and I got two pairs and neither of them were quite what I had in mind...oh well..perhaps I'll just have to make them myself to get them how I want them!! Can't wait to see the finished product :-)

  5. Love that bright blue wool....but I definitely think this blanket isn't manly enough, so you shall have to keep it for yourself (oh no!) and buy more wool (oh no!) and make another :)

    Ange - Tall, Short & Tiny (http://tallshortandtiny.wordpress.com)

  6. That is just a fabulous coloured blanket...we have the same discussions in this house...everyone now has their own blanket so that ends the wars.... xx