05 August 2011

Things I'm Loving

Linky thanks to the awesome Paisley Jade ( I really hope I've done this linky thingie right )

Here are some of the things I'm loving right now:

My crochet hooks - they're pretty colors!!
( I'm loving the way this pic turned out too )

The fact that I turned this very first ever attempt at a granny square

 Into this in one night just blew my mind!!

 Then into these over the next two nights
I'm finally learning to crochet, big unattemptable projects not meant for beginners here I come!!!

 My mischevious rascal Holly Dolly, snapped trying to free this orange tree

 All she really wants is all my attention
( the newspaper doesn't deserve it )

My confused peach tree Orion -it thinks its spring

( and before you ask Mum, yes the tree's name really is Orion like your cat )


  1. Your granny squares look amazing!!! Love the crochet hooks and your cheeky cat too. xoxo

  2. uh oh i can see granny fever coming on!! Well done!

  3. Great granny squares! I have just learned to crochet too, it's so addictive, so many cute things to make, not enought time:-)Sam

  4. I'm loving your beautiful big property with those green sprawling hills! And of course, your cat on Mission Impossible to rescue the tree!

  5. Thanks everyone for your amazing encouragement :-)