27 August 2011

Busy - Or Not?

You know how you get one of those weeks where you feel like all you've done is sit around and do nothing?

I feel like that, but instead of doing nothing, I've been super busy!!
I've almost achieved everything on my "Things I Really Should Do While Jeremy Is Away But Probably Won't Do" list. It used to be called the "Things To Do" list but I needed to be honest with myself

I made more quince jam....
I'm going to dress up my jam looking all old fashioned etc 
I'm really excited about my plans for my jam 
I'm going to be making a TON of it so I figured, why not make it look all pretty??
I've got sooooo many jars in the cupboard, anyone want some?

Here it is, the long awaited crochet pic:
Slippers with flowers on!
I made these, I'm so impressed with myself for following a pattern and everything!!!
( okay so they are slightly different sizes by a few stitches but not bad for a first attempt )
You can find the pattern here

Dealing with Holly the menace 
She likes my ball of wool, every now and then a paw will start working its way towards the piece dangling in front of her before the crochet hook snaps it up
I'm so pleased she knows what "No" means!!
I'm so pleased I learnt to keep my distance from her when I get my wool out after the time I accidentally dropped it on her and had to prise it out of her mouth!!

Today my niece Miss 5 came over for the day
We made cupcakes
 she couldn't resist a little ( *ahem* 'lot' of mixture off the spoon while I wasn't looking )
...no I'm just kidding, she was an angel
but did lick the beaters

And, believe it or not, the only thing I did was cut and soften the butter, turn on the mixer and handle the hot finished product
I then made the icing and piped it onto the cupcakes
She did everything else! 
( I must admit I was worried when she cracked open those eggs... )

The finished product 
 Yip, she even did the sprinkles and designed the colour scheme

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