12 July 2011

Rocky Road

On Sunday night I made Rocky Road for the first time
Yum Yum!
I love it, its one of my favourites
I thought it would be difficult but after I read the instructions, I laughed! Is this simple or what??

I don't know why I didn't make this sooner

350g Chocolate
250g Marshmellows
1 C Peanuts
½ C GlacĂ© Cherries (I just used one whole box since there was no point saving the rest)

Cut the Marshmellows in half (hint: wet the scissors first)
Cut the Peanuts to desired size
Cut Cherries in half
Mix together

Melt Chocolate

Add Chocolate to everything else
Put into a slice tin and pop in the fridge to set
Easy Peasy!

Next time, I’d use more chocolate to hold it together…

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