17 September 2012

My new Niece Pt 2

I'm back!!!
To Gloat
So my joking "Rebecca would be a great middle name" turned into reality!
Ooh Yeah!!!
So of couse the first thing I did was go down to the store and by something
Something too big, but something that showed just how much she loved her Aunty
( I am her favourite after all )
and sleep 
isn't she tiny?
*super proud Aunty moment right here*

10 September 2012

My new Niece

On Saturday I got a new niece
She's been named Addiena
Its a Welsh name meaning ' Beautiful '
And I've decided, I'm her favourite
She didn't stop looking at me once I was holding her
I've told my brother to make her middle name Rebecca
We'll have to wait and see if he chooses such and awesome name!