07 May 2014


Yes I know I've been a total slacker...
I've been knitting, and making jelly and fussing over my chickens. I'll start with the first and most important update - What I've been knitting!
I warn you now, there's a lot to catch up on!
I started in December with these lovely Mitts as a test
I love how the cuffs fold down, you can keep your fingers warm when you aren't using them
Then an old school friend asked for a pair of mitts, so I made the Canella pattern again
My Dad asked for a beanie
What better hat to make for a man than one called "Man Thing?" 
Then onto socks, I needed something small to make at the beach while camping, something that wasn't going to be all mess and yarn everywhere 
My brother asked for a pair too!
I can't resist the men in my life when they ask for handknits
During the sock making, my Mum helped me out with the lace on my Lizzie cardigan
I could do everything but the lace. I just didn't get it!
Anyway, I finished this over summer and it was too hot to wear! Its more of an inbetween summer and spring or autumn item 
For Christmas, I joined the Vintage Purls Christmas Club
I really wanted to make whatever pattern came with the club and it was a lovely shawl called Heidrun 
The yarn is always a surprise, you don't know what colour has been sent until you open the package. I was super excited to see the most beautiful purple!
Do you remember the story of the three little cousins who I was making beanie's for?
The third cousin had his birthday in March and since he asked for a dark green beanie, I found a weird camo colour (boys like that right??) since I couldn't find an actual dark green in the right size.
I used the Graham pattern
It could be girls pattern, but the photos on the pattern page had boys and it has a boys name so I hope it was a winner, sadly its now May and I'm yet to hear if it was received.
I hope it wasn't lost in the post!!!
Then a workmate asked me if I could pretty please make her a pair of mitts. She had seen my green ones and fell in love with them
I hated every part of making this. The yarn was horrible, the colour was hard to see and I kept dropping stitches.
Thank goodness I knew the pattern and that saved me. It really is an easy pattern
Next up, my niece was visiting and I let her rummage through my Tikki patterns and she chose a dress
A dress for an eight year old is no easy task! 
But it looks lovely and she loves it and thats all that matters
Now she wants a matching one for her sister.... oh dear...
Then I realised it was almost May and I was secretly scheming a pair of socks for a family friend who was moving from Perth to Whangarei
So I found something pretty, ordered some scrumptious Vintage Purls Sock and got to work
Thankfully, the owner of VP had some yellow stashed away which I was able to get my hands on 
After that my workmate who got the black mitts of doom asked for a matching beanie
I couldn't say no

I'm working on a matching beanie/scarf set for a child down in Southland in BRIGHT orange
I haven't finished that one yet so its a surprise
As always, there are more photos of my projects on Ravelry